Saturday, October 23, 2010

Your "perfect" children.

This guy came through my line with his two sons. They had a ton of stuff. I'm taking the hangs off the pajamas, and one of the kids jumps up and sits on the bagging area counter. I said, "Can you get down please? Thanks. It's not safe for you to sit there, you could fall and get hurt, and Target would get in trouble." The kid gets down, I keep doing my shit. A few minutes later, he gets back up, I said, "I thought I asked you not to sit there." Apparently this was offensive. The guy said, "you have bad customer service, we're just going to leave. C'mon kids." I was like...HUH? He repeated it. I said, "WHAT, BECAUSE YOUR PERFECT KIDS ARE OBNOXIOUS? I'M DOING MY JOB AND THAT INCLUDES MAKING SURE THEY'RE SAFE." Jackass. I should have let your precious Johnny smash his face on the tile floor and break his nose...and I would have said, "well, you should have listened to me, Jackass."

Later I told my supervisor, and all she said was, "sometimes people are sensitive about that issue."

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  1. that happened to me 3 years ago, i actually posted that story too lol