Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the late night cougar.

There was this lady about a year ago, when I was still in school and working nights, that used to come in every thursday or friday night. She'd be my last guest of the night, and she'd always have at least $800 worth of housewares. The first time she came in she spent about two grand. She'd put it all on her debit card sketchy. She used to buy everything in pink. I think she was a stripper, or something...except she was at least 45. She had long bleach blonde hair, revealing clothing for her age, sunglasses, a big crown victoria (one night I saw her out in the parking lot jamming stuff inside it), and all I know is she had recently gotten divorced. The next day or so afterward, she would come back in and return half the stuff she bought the night before.

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