Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This woman comes up to me with these storage bins in her carriage. She tells me she bought them and when she got home the lids are two small. Before I could even speak she says "You're going to have to have someone go get me some that fit. While waiting for the lids she tells me that she would have gone to get them herself, but she has back problems. So maybe you shouldn't have lifted them from your car and put them in a carriage. I call someone from that department only to be told we don't have anymore. She gets as fussy as a three year old who hasn't had a nap and wants my manager. So I get a manager. She stands there arguing with him say things like "It's not my fault this happened, blah, blah, blah." Well, yeah. It is actually. Because if you had matched up the lids before you left, you wouldn't be having this problem now. Anyway she rants on and on and asks for my manager's manager. She arrives and tries to smooth the situation over. Doing the whole "We're sorry about this." COME ON! Don't apologize for her stupidity and irresponsibility.

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