Tuesday, October 12, 2010

from the cashier who didn't know purchase orders even existed anymore.

The other day I spent 40 minutes with a couple of customers who were using purchase orders. It was about half an hour before my shifted ended that they came to my register with two TWO DEUX 2 II (2) carriages full of CRAP. They had three purchase orders of $200 or something that they could not go over...meaning they had to do three separate transactions. Purchase orders must be so out of date, these people did not know how to use them properly either.

In order for me to process this purchase order, I got my supervisor, who also did not know how to do a purchase order. She had to go find a BOOK on it, or something. So I started ringing up these people's stuff...which I guess they should have prioritized what they wanted. I brought an order up to around $200, and suspended it, to start on the next one.

My supervisor came back, with this BOOK which actually had a barcode in it that I scan and it makes a purchase order. With said supervisor, was also another, and a cashier who's training to become a supervisor. We did the order I was currently working on, and then went back to do the one I suspended. When we scanned the suspend slip, a receipt which had 21 items on it, and was around the said $200 spending budget, only had one item on it for $24.99. Um, WTF? The people had already put this stuff in the carriage, all mixed in with the other stuff. So we (me and the three supervisors) had to go through all the bags and decide what was already paid for and what was not. We found all the stuff...what we found, did not equal what was on the suspend slip...not even close. We said, "oh well," and scanned more stuff to make it $200.

It's now the end of my shift, and I am still playing this game.

Onto the third purchase order, they had too much CRAP they still needed and could not decide what they wanted to purchase and not purchase. This is the best part...


No can do. They did not understand, and of course me neither, really, because in my three years of retail experience, I had never done a purchase order. Apparently you can't void a purchase order. They didn't understand this, and asked several times more. Somehow it was my fault, of course, because it's never the customer's fault. Ten minutes go by, and they get frustrated, and just take what they've paid for and leave.

I get "great job." Go home. Drink Parrot Bay.

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