Tuesday, October 12, 2010

i rung up a guy who was buying a birthday card for his dad. it was a card that looked like a beer mug. i chuckled at it and told the guy he had good taste in birthday cards and sent him on his way.

about maybe an hour or two later, i get called over because i got a telephone call.

"who the hell would call me at work?" i wondered to myself and picked up the call
"hey its keith (i forget his name), i bought the beer birthday card."
"oooh yeah, i remember you..."
"so i was wondering what you were doing when you get out of work...wanna go out for dinner or something?"
"um yeah... i've got...plans. with. my. boyfriend." (i didn't really my boyfriend at the time was living in new york, but i felt it necessary to make it clear i was taken)
"ohh, well if that ever changes give me a call here's my number *gave me his number*"
"ok, great...thanks" *hang up*

i never wrote down his number, nor have i ever seen nor heard from him again after that moment. he had balls to call up a store to ask out a girl he just barely met, i'll give him that but that was pretty weird.


  1. if he actually had any balls he'd have come back in and ask you to your face, it's still pretty damn funny though.

  2. That happened 3 years ago, first week working there