Tuesday, October 19, 2010

do not ask me about my tattoos if you are a moron

...and don't recognize the symbol.

I'm happy to answer questions about my piercings, tattoos, hair do's...whatever. My car symbol tattoos, however, I'm a little anal retensive about, because I feel like in the tattoo world, most people know if you have a car tattoo, it's for a good reason like you had a bad car accident, an incredibly good car, or someone you know died in a car accident (like my father). People who don't get this are morons on my books.

Chick: "Can I see your wrist tattoo, is it a Celtic symbol?"
Me: "No, it's the Toyota symbol."
Chick: "Oh."
My brain: YUP, AND THE OTHER ONE'S A CROSS" (not a chevy symbol)

Other good ones I've gotten, and answered..

"What happens if you're next car is a Ford?"
Me: "Well I guess I'll have to get a ford symbol tattooed on my right ass cheek/forehead!!"

"You like Chevys and Toyotas, huh?"
Me: "...."

Wow...that dumb? I'd rather get "I like your tattoo" and have someone be ignorant and think it's something else, rather than ask and rather offend me.

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