Tuesday, October 12, 2010

an elderly woman wanted to return a pack of undies because she did not want colorful ones, she wanted neutral ones but she bought the color ones because we were currently out of stock for neutral ones (why didn't she just wait for us to carry the one she wanted in the first place). i guess according to her, she had been attempting to just buy neutral undies for a while. she brought me both packages and asked if she could just swap them.
i told her she needed a receipt for an even exchange. she told me she lost the receipt a while back and that she just wanted the other package. i asked her how she had payed for it and she said cash so the only thing i could do now is return the other pair with her drivers license.
it also did not help that the woman was hard of hearing so i had to say everything twice loudly. anyways she goes into her purse and pulls out a library card or something that wasn't a drivers license or a state id. i told her again i needed a drivers license.
"OH THEY TOOK THAT AWAY FROM ME YEARS AGO!" she exclaims. *facepalm* i shrugged my shoulders and just let her take the other pair cause my supervisor gave the ok.

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