Tuesday, October 19, 2010

a few years ago, a kid fell face flat out of a carriage. our supervisor at the time told us to ask all parents to have their children stay seated in the carriages.
so i was ringing up this lady who had three kids in the carriage. none of them were staying seated. i politely asked the lady to tell her kids to sit down, she gave me the nastiest look and after i rung her stuff up, she went to my supervisor and accused me of being rude and slamming her objects into bags.
the next woman i rang up was her friend, she asked me if i was always this polite, i said i try. she told me i should try harder cause i was a bitch. then b-lined it to the same supervisor who was dealing with the other woman and also accused me of slamming her objects.

well i guess it took looking at the security tapes to determine that these two ladies were both just out to get me cause i was doing my job.

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