Monday, October 25, 2010

so i'm ringing these items up for this woman as she's loading the rest of her items onto the belt. suddenly i hear what sounds like a gunshot coming from my belt. i quickly turn to look and the 2 liter bottle of diet coke that was on the belt had fallen off (later i would find out from video tapes that it fell cap first) and exploded with such force that it was circling around the floor and then it sky-rocketed and hit the wall of the front of our store (and nearly hit the ceiling) and fell down dead. i broke out laughing and called someone over to grab cleaning supplies.
the mess was huge, but it made my day. only one person got hit with soda and she was pissed off. she acted like the woman in my line knocked the soda off the belt on purpose and returned all of her items because we wouldn't give her a refund for her bags getting slightly wet.

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  1. i wish i'd seen this. i only heard about it because i was working the next day and noticed the huge soda stain about 10 feet up the wall and asked what it was.