Tuesday, October 12, 2010

i didn't even know we carried these

this father and 10 yr old son were putting items on the belt as i was ringing them in. after everything was said and done, i told the man the total price to which he looked puzzled by how expensive it turned out to be. he asked me what was so expensive that he bought. i started reading off the items he bought, shoes, deodorant, handsaw. he stopped me at handsaw.

"i did not buy a handsaw, how did a handsaw get into my carriage?"

at that point his son looks up at him with a grin and goes "don't worry daddy, i'll pay you back!"

the man stood there dumbfounded at what his son just said, recomposed himself and told his son he was not getting a handsaw.

well needless to say, his son was not pleased at this and started throwing a temper tantrum. the man threatened his son that he would be punished if he did not knock it off. he then apologized to me for his son causing a scene and as he was leaving said "what the fuck is a 10 year old going to do with a handsaw anyway!?"

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