Friday, December 17, 2010

You're right, I don't want to help you

Some woman asks me to call another store to see if they have a certain toy. She tells me what it is. Never heard of it, and she doesn't seem to sure that was what it was called anyway. I ask her if it is the weekly advertisement. She says yes. I drag out my copy and start thumbing through the pages. She stops me at a page and tells me that was it. Oh no wait, it wasn't it, but it was like that. So I call the store she wanted me to call and prepared to wait 45 minutes for an already overworked employee to crawl around looking for something that may not even be there. And if it is, probably it would be the wrong thing. I tell her nicely that the toy departments are very busy so it may take a little time. She gets her knickers in a twist and says "you obviously don't want to help me." You know what? You're right. I don't. I am one person trying to do a million things and none of them involved dealing with your lip. Now I have to wait on a big line of pissy customers that are so numerous and so pissed because she took up too much time.


  1. i think if you're at the customer service desk (yes they are customers not guests, none of us fucking invited them) you should be allowed to smack one customer per every four hours of your shift. seems fair to me.

  2. That whole guest thing pisses me off. This ain't Disney Land and it ain't no 5 star hotel. It's retail, you're a customer, deal with it. But yeah, I'd love to be able to smack these people. Make it one per every two hours of a shift and I'm sold.