Wednesday, December 15, 2010

a woman comes up to return a bunch of shirts, with no reciept. she said a friend gave them to her for her birthday (one of the shirts still had a tag on it and it was a clearance tag (wow cheap ass friend)) so i started checking all the shirts to see if we carried any of them anymore in an attempt to do a non-reciept return. halfway through this grueling task, she goes "the other store was having the same problem too." i stopped, "you mean you tried to return them at a different store?" "Yes" she said "i figured you guys might be able to take them back, they said you might too" "mam" i said "our system is mostly universal so if one thing is no longer carried in one store, most other stores will no longer carry them either, the clerk at the other store was an idiot" i like that she waited till i was halfway done to tell me that.

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