Monday, December 6, 2010

some woman tried to order a cheeseburger yesterday. i told her we don't make cheeseburgers, so she angrily pointed to the photo in the menu. "Mam," I said "that's a sausage egg and cheese breakfast sandwich" She then asked how long for chicken nuggets. I told her 7 minutes. So instead she ordered a pretzle and a hot dog. While I was on lunch the woman tried to tell the girl who was also working there that she ordered nuggets (I'm right behind her in line trying to buy food as well) and that the ones coming out of the oven were for her. I got mad because the tenders (no these were not even nuggets) were for a girl who had already payed for them who had been waiting patiently. I told the woman those were not nuggets and I never had charged her for nuggets either since she never said she wanted them when I asked, but if she wanted them she could pay now. She got mad and stormed off. I'm pretty sure she was trying to score free food.

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