Friday, December 3, 2010

Retail+Holidays= Hell On Earth

As the holidays draw closer the more I want to go Chernobyl. As in major meltdown. I got two customers today that make working this time of the year such a joy. One was just before my lunch break. A break I had to take a half an hour late because she wouldn't accept the refund as it was. I had to spend 3o minutes on the phone with three people in India to get the right code to give her the refund she wanted. The second twit that delayed my last break elevated the meltdown status to three mile island. She was told my someone that doesn't know the policy she could get a price adjustment. I couldn't do it because we can't adjust clearance. We can only return then repurchase. I had to get a manager involved. He tells me use the info on the receipt after telling the customer we aren't supposed to do that. So I spend 10 minutes typing in 11 9 digit numbers not once, but twice. Once for the return and once for the repurchase. She questioned everything I did, couldn't stand it when she was wrong or didn't understand, and copped an attitude the whole time. Then she goes and gripes to my manager. I get pulled to the side about the incident. I told him flat out she was just being pissy. And customers wonder why so many people in retail aren't happy.

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