Tuesday, December 21, 2010

you have a phone, do it yourself.

a guy called the electronics department and asked if we had zumba for wii. i told him we did not. he then asked if i could call another store for him to see if they had it. yeah ok:
1. i can't put you on hold
2. i'm not going to call every store to see if they have a game
3. you have a phone why don't you do it.

if he was in person i could have at least sent him to the service desk to have them call or if our registers weren't packed (it is super busy this time of year) i could have looked up what stores might have had the item that way, but it was too busy and he pissed me off by expecting me to call other stores. well i told him i couldn't do that and he got mad and hung up.

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