Thursday, December 9, 2010

two girls come to order food, one skinny one and one fat one. they order two pastas. i ask if they want drinks or anything, they say no. i told them their pastas would be ready in 7 minutes. a few minutes later the skinny one asked if drinks and breadsticks came with their meal. "no" i said, "you just ordered pastas, so thats all you got charged for." "oh..." says the skinny one, "i thought we ordered combos, cause ya know thats what we thought we were ordering." "no, which was why i asked you guys if you wanted drinks and whatnot so i knew what you were ordering. these are important details" i explained. the skinny one told me i was giving her an attitude which pisdsed me off cause i wasnt, i was pointing out their error. then the fat one chimed in like a bitch "if you dont like where you work then dont work here." there were a million things i could have said back. i decided it was in my best interest not to say anything but to just glare at the both of them. maybe they should learn not to be ignorant asshats next time. dont mess with the person who makes your food cause they might not be as nice as me.

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