Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It has no cord

Customer #1: We need two blenders, this is the only one on the shelf and the person back there already said you have no more in the store, can we have the floor model even though it has no cord.

Me: We don't sell floor models

Joker who was with customer #1: Can we just take it even though it has no cord?

Me: No, What good is it unless you plan on installing a new cord?

Joker with customer #1: Can I steal it?

Me: No, security will stop you. And it has no cord.

Joker with customer #1: Can I take it out of the garbage?

Me: No.

Joker looks as customer #1: We'll just have to get another kid of blender.

Me after they left: Yeah one with a cord might help.

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