Friday, March 18, 2011


one of our machines broke, it happened to be the one that kept breadstick sauce hot so we could serve it to people.  because of this we had no sauce for a while.  people would come up to order breadsticks and we'd explain that we had no sauce for them and offered substitutes.  some people were ok with that.  others were like "well i can't eat that without sauce!"

one person tried to get me to give them pizza sauce, i explained that i couldn't give her pizza sauce because its cold and not the same sauce and we cant serve it.  she insisted that because she wanted it i should give it to her, she even offered to pay more.  i explained that we were not allowed to sell it to her.  she asked me to call my manager, i call my manager, he tells her the exact same thing.  her answer was "well how am i supposed to eat them without sauce?"  and then left.  i didn't realize marinara sauce was a key essential to eating garlic breadsticks.  geez.


  1. Either that's some damn good marinara sauce or these people lead very miserable lives to get so bent out of shape over it.

  2. Idk lol the sauce always makes me vomit