Friday, March 18, 2011

I've already called them.

A customer calls and tells me she has a defective item. After rambling on about how it is broken, she tells me she bought it last summer. I inform her that past a certain period of time we can no longer return or exchange it that she would have to call the manufacturer. She claims she already did and they told her to return it to the store. I tell her they were unaware of the store policy, but we cannot return it. My last option to to give her the manufacturer number and a customer relations number. She wants the manufacturer number and a manager. My manager tells this person the same thing and provides her with the number. Wait, what does she need to the manufacturer number for if she has already called them? Did she lose it between then time she called them and the time she called the store. Could be. Did she contact them through another means? Perhaps. E-mail? Maybe. The power of her mind? Hell no. Or maybe she didn't call them at all and she figured the store would bend over backwards.

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