Wednesday, April 13, 2011

man does shopping for his extreme couponing wife, in exchange to watch the ball game.

Near the end of my shift today, and older man (not elderly, but older than middle aged) came through my register. He had a bunch of stuff in his cart, and enough coupons to match. I didn't say anything know the regular, "Hi, how are you today?" He answered, "You know, I've got to tell you, I'm shopping for my wife. I'm doing this for her so I can watch the ball game in peace." He went on explaining that he's a good husband because of this...if I'm married, if I have kids...that whole speech. Married. No kids for me, thanks dude.

$800 worth of CRAP later...six thousand some odd coupons are handed to me. Whatever...I've seen this "extreme coupon" shit before. No worries. I am thorough...I do my job.

Somewhere in the middle of this he shares that he thinks the prices in the store I work at are overpriced, but again, he went here because his wife asked him. I replied to him that I thought our prices are better than local competitors and our stuff is better quality. This offended him. 1. I work here, aren't I supposed to like the product? 2. Our shit really is better. 3. What's the matter? Such an old fucking fart you can't stand an opposing view? Whatever...continued scanning coupons.

Some coupons don't I ask him "did you buy [two of said item]?" Things like that. I read the coupons to make sure he's got everything. Some coupons are expired. Some manufactorer's coupons don't have both barcodes...the one they are missing is the one that we are supposed to use. He was offended by this I guess, but I didn't see anything wrong. I continued what I was doing.

Get the total, he saved himself something like $100. The total was $710 and some change. By this point he decided I was a moron. He counted out $700 in twenties and tens on the counter. I picked it all up and counted it three times myself. He was off. My manager sensed something was strange at my register and came over. He counted, and confirmed it was only $630. There was small talk between me and my manager, "how much does he have?" "six hundred and thirty or something..." This was also upsetting to him, he thought I wasn't taking it seriously and I was careless. He gave me the other $70 or so. Continued to lecture me about customer service. How I'm bad at cashiering, he's the reason I have a job, blah blah blah. Finally left. I expressed the need for whiskey.

Ok dude. You're full of shit. You're one of those people who thinks people who work in retail and food service are the scum of the Earth. I can tell. You're lucky I didn't see in you in the parking lot after I punched out.

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  1. some people are like that i worked on the service industry too. certain people are just assholes who take their frustrations out on the easiest targets they can find service industry people. hey please visit my blog sometime it would be much appreciated. thanks.